A Game of Thrones PDF Download

By: George R.R. Martin

Relase Date: 2016-09-28

Genre: Epic, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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I love to read George Martin! His books so interesting and so well written, that during reading your imagination creates a pictures. Imagine that’s now you have great illustrators who actually create interactive images in the book! Your reading experience will not be comparable to way you read before! For people, especially us, who likes fantasies, it is amazing experience. Thank you for wrap a Great story written by George Martin into this interactive book, it is a best way to present it.


I have bought all 5 books of this enhanced edition and I have to say the extra content is truly amazing. I cannot say enough how much I have been enjoying rereading the books along with the interesting tidbits of trivia. The maps look great too and the information in the appendix is presented in way more accessible way than in the actual books. I would rate 5 stars, if not for the annoying bug that makes the chapter titles have a white background even when the night view is turned on (using iBooks in my iPad 5th gen and iPhone 6s with iOS 11). The same problem is present in books 4 and 5, but oddly it is fixed for books 2 and 3. Could you please fix this for the rest of the books? It is making an otherwise excellent edition look a bit sloppy.


This is an Excelently written story by George Martin and a great presentation this story using book with enchanting content. Thanks!


I've found I've stopped clicking the links because so many of them just provide the same information you just read and therefore disrupt my reading flow for no purpose. I understand wanting to cross-reference everything but if someone is only mentioned once do we really need a link on the page where they are mentioned? And I don't find the illustrations great - a character's apppearance will be described in the text and then you see an illustration that doesn't follow the description. And I'm not interested in editorial comments about "anachronisms" that aren't really anachronisms - it's fantasy for goodness sake, I expect fantasy to have an internal logic not follow the when what where of actual medieval times. Sometimes I find the links helpful but over all I haven't found they enhance my reading experience. I won't be purchasing the other enhanced volumes. I hate giving this three stars because I love the novel itself but the enhanced edition doesn't deserve more.


Cannot view content. Did i just waste my money?


I can't download this book. Sad. It looks like it is downloading but when it finishes, the cloud icon returns.


How can I trust the book t

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