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What a beautiful heartfelt story. I grew up on the NC coast and I could relate to so many areas of this book. The characters seem like old friends. I actually felt like I was there. Maybe sitting on the shore listening to the sounds of the sea having someone tell me the life and story of the marsh girl. A treasure to read! Thank you.


This book is utterly amazing. I read it in less than a day and enjoyed every bit of it.

katinas reads

Truley amazing storie. Captivating till the end.


Great read! Touching and suspenseful.


Gut wrenching,heartbreaking, lovely, magical, brutal, suspenseful till the very end. Everything you want in a book! It transports you into the shack, the marsh, the small town...and you'll never want to leave.


I have never written a review before. This book will become a classic. Beyond extraordinary!


A definite must Read!!!

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