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By: Sally Field

Relase Date: 2018-09-18

Genre: Biographies & Memoirs, Parenting

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Sally Field was my wet dream when she acted on the movie entitled Stay Hungry.


I almost hate to say this after reading Sally Fields book since she was very honest in her writings about how she felt doing "Gidget and " The Flying Nun", but I fell in love with her after watching every show in both series. I have not missed one movie Sally Fields has been in and I was never disappointed! So I was anxious to read her book and was consumed with her own words and feelings. I would have never thought she had to fight so hard to simply show the world how talented she is. I am so thankful she choose to share. Many of her experiences have been endured by others. That she kept on refusing to give up on herself is a message every woman needs to hear. I laughed and sobbed and thanked God that she was able to gift her triumphs and tragedies with those of us who have been entertained by her and loved every minute of it. This book is the icing on the cake! Thank you Sally!

Amy Robach

I loved it...she’s complicated like all of us.


From Gidget to Mary and beyond one of my favorite actresses gives us a close up look behind the curtain. Great Read.

Sunnie Skiles

I went to grade school at Eagermont (spelling?) with your sister Princess.. I remember those times as yesterday. My friend Lisa Wedd’s older sister was trying out for the same part in the “Flying Nun”. This was from the sister so not confirmed. I have always enjoyed your performance in all that you have done, my favorite will always be in Forest Gump.. Growing up with all of the stars that were stars of the time was very interesting at that time. My own mother was trying hard then too. You can catch her in an old Walt Disney film called the “The Tattooed Police Horse”. Needless to say she was a better stay at home mother than an actress. Very nice to share old times though not really memorable to you. Very fond memories for me though I moved on from the city life long ago, I will never forget my childhood memories. They are the best! Sunnie

/ //

This book is chuck full of wonderful recipes. The tuna melt sandwiches with avocado, walnut and banana was fantastic. I also especially liked the roast beef compote with apricot jelly. Then there was cashew mustard and pecan spaghetti sauce served with garlic sautéed capers - absolutely to die for. Who would have thought Ms. Field had talents on the kitchen equal to her on screen abilities.

dw in denver

Sally Field‘s Book is absolutely wonderful. Thanks for sharing your Story. There are many more of us than would be Imagined.

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