Cole and Sav PDF Download

By: Cole LaBrant & Savannah LaBrant

Relase Date: 2018-10-09

Genre: Christianity, Religion & Spirituality

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I have never read a book that I wanted to finish so badly...I hung on every single word. The humble and beautiful story that is Cole and Savannah’s will truly inspire many!


This is a great read! What a beautiful love story! Very inspirational! I hope I can get my kids to read! The message is so powerful!

Jessa Ankers

i’m honestly speechless on how amazing this book was. God is so good & i love seeing his will be done!


I am In Love with this book! Love how they tell their own sides of the story! You should make a book 2, because I love the first!📔


I love it❤️


Buying right now!!! Love their story and what they have gone through! God Bless 💕


It won’t let me read the book. I click on the “read now” and it makes me put my Apple ID password in and I do that, but it makes me do it over and over. I know I’m putting the password in correctly. Does anyone have this problem or know how to fix this?

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