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Love it so interesting 😍😍😍

Tonya_marie lawrence

I love love loved this book ! Cole and Sav are so inspiring and the cutest couple ever. I love how they always put God first before anything , and they are living proof that God has plans for all of us and that GOD IS SO GOOD !!❤️ y’all are amazing !

alia sherbiny

This book is one of my favorite book I ever read in my whole life. I really like their story it is so cute and romantic.


This book it truly inspiring. It shows how god can come into our life in many ways and how we should always go to him for everything! God is so special and amazing and is there at every moment but especially when we really need him. I loved this book!


I have never read a book that I wanted to finish so badly...I hung on every single word. The humble and beautiful story that is Cole and Savannah’s will truly inspire many!


This is a great read! What a beautiful love story! Very inspirational! I hope I can get my kids to read! The message is so powerful!

Jessa Ankers

i’m honestly speechless on how amazing this book was. God is so good & i love seeing his will be done!

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