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By: John Grisham

Relase Date: 2018-10-23

Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,

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As I began reading this book, the deeper into it I got, the more I felt it was going to be one of the author’s best. The characters are richly developed, the scenes are painted so well with that you can visualize everything as though you are watching a movie. It could easily have been a five star book in my mind. The problem for me came at the end. It ended too abruptly. It was as though Grisham decided he’d had enough and wanted to move on. Definitely worth reading but disappointing at the end. One more chapter would have offered the chance to shape and end the story better. What direction were the siblings going to take with their lives? Even an epilogue would have been welcomed. SPOILER WARNING: After receiving the truth behind the tragedies in their family you were left with nothing. Their aunt’s will regarding her land? Land adjacent to their father’s, legally stolen by an overly ambitious attorney. So many more questions with no hint of answers.

bubba S.M.

Weak story, slow read, extraordinary amount of words for little drama. Big waste of time


This is the story of a small family in Canton, Mississippi, and their cotton farm during the 1940’s-1950. It contains deception and lies that play out around the Philippines, World War II, and the Bataan death march. If you don’t know the history of this, you’re in for shock and admiration. The rest of the story before and after is captivating for the family of 4, their eccentric aunt, and the other characters, in early 20th century Mississippi.


Tedious and disjointed. A disappointing read.


Was so disappointed. Just not what I expected from John Grisham. Was not worth the price!


I just read the sample, not even the book yes it still brings me joy, I could read this all day.

Dr. Jack B.

I love Grisham. Not this one! Felt ripped off. Wasted my time. Yuk. Yuk.

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