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By: Corinne Michaels

Relase Date: 2018-09-24

Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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I <3 PP

Not Until You is the story of Nicole Dupree and Callum Huxley. For fans of Corinne Michaels’ you’ve met Nicole over the span of the Heather’s book (We Own Tonight) and Kristen’s book (One Last Time); you know she’s the crazy one out of the foursome of best friends. There was just always something about Nicole that I related to the most. She was this crazy character that often was the loudest voice in the room. I couldn’t want to get her story, to know what made a girl like her tick. When Nicole meets a man ready to make her, well force her, to break all the rules, I just knew that this woman was my spirit animal. Callum Huxley was just about as perfect as you could get. Toss in a sexy British accent and I was a goner. Not Until You was charming, humorous and emotionally charged. I loved the witty banter, I loved that Nicole had no filter and I loved being able to experience these four women rally around each other just when it was needed the most. If you haven’t read a Corinne Michaels book yet, you are missing out. Her writing is unexpected, it’s funny and crushing and it’s reality. It’s laughing even when life punches you in the gut. The emotionally charged storyline makes the laughs feel hardier, they make you cherish the good times, it lets you appreciate what happiness really is.

redhead math teacher/book nerd

I started reading NOT UNTIL YOU during one of the most stressful career transitions I've ever had. The pressure to do well in my new job was/is overwhelming and it was such a joy to escape into Nicole's head and the banter between her and Callum was the perfect stress relief. Nicole is a strong independent woman, who's been burned so badly by a previous relationship that she no longer believes in love, marriage and the thought of having children of her own is almost repulsive. She puts every piece of her being into her career and her friendships. She's a perpetual bachelorette and isn't afraid to take what she wants. I aspire to be as strong as she is, or at least the strength she shows the world. Enter Callum Huxley with his sexy accent and take charge attitude. He throws Nicole so off her game that she doesn’t know how to handle it. As much as I loved Nicole and Callum’s story it was also so great to be back with the rest of the squad and seeing how the other ladies (and gents) are doing. I can’t say that I’m ready to read Daniels story because I fear it might break me, and it means the end. Corinne has been an autobuy author for many years. Her stories almost always bring me to tears, although this one did get me a bit choked up, I found that I couldn’t stop the smile on my face while reading. If you love a steamy romance, with a splash of humor, then I definitely recommend you pick this one up.


I usually like Corinne Michaels books, but this one was not attention grabbing or good. Extremely predictable and a very generic storyline.


Couldn’t put it down. Great read!


This book is amazing...... Plan and simple you will swoon over Callum. The banter between Callum and Nicole is so funny. You will laugh out loud and fall hard for this book. I love the way Callum does not give up on her and loves her exactly the way she is. Get this book, trust me you will not want to put it down and when you do, you will want more!!!!!

Sandie Parsons

I loved this book so much


Absolutely love this book!! Another winner!!

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