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By: Corinne Michaels & Melanie Harlow

Relase Date: 2018-08-20

Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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Suzanne Golt

I have read every book by Corrine Michaels and many by Melanie Harlow and am a big fan. I left all 5 star reviews for past books like We Own the Night, the Salvation Series, and the “Say” series. I am sad to say this book was very disappointing to me and, frankly, stressful to read. I liked the idea of the storyline between two childhood friends, Ian Chase and London Parish, and purchased it, but unfortunately, Ian never really grew up. When he was a college freshman and she was a high school senior, he broke her heart and told himself it was for all the right reasons. This I can understand because he was young and just learning to navigate relationships. But to do it again when he is 35 is just ludicrous and cruel. He was selfish in my opinion, and had zero communication skills or ethics. He knew he hurt her as he witnessed by her treatment of him since that day which was about 16 years ago in book time, yet it didn’t learn anything by it. Half of the book was not fun to read. It was them bickering back and forth, often in front of the three children whom he was raising after his sister’s passing. He needed London’s help and she was right there by his side the entire time helping with the children and household chores. I really admired and respected London but felt she deserved much better. She was a beautiful person on the inside and out. She was a selfless, loving, witty, educated, and a smart businesswoman. Yet will all these qualities, she never called him out on why he hurt her the way he did when she was 17. It was obvious there was a love/hate relationship going on, but I feel she gave it all and he gave nothing back, not even to respect her enough to be honest with her about the choices he made all these years later. Ian was a wealthy businessman and I feel although he made some accommodations and started to become more of a family man, it was a little too late. He had a long way to go to earn my respect and be worthy of the title of “hero” and this is what I would have needed to give this book any higher than 3 stars.


I love both Corinne and Melanie books and so glad they made this book together. It’s heartbreaking and heartwarming all in one. They never disappoint.


Oh my goodness, Hold You Close is the best Book I have read in a while. Ian goes from me thinking JERK to me completely swooning over him. London is a smart, driven woman who loves and hates Ian all at the same time. Their story is one of laughs to fighting before they knew it. This is a must read book!


This book was so heart-wrenching and emotion-provoking. I swear I cried a couple times. It's absolutely worth the read. So take a few hours, days or weeks to sit down and read this book because I read it faster than I thought possible and I loved every minute of it. Get ready for some tears, out loud laughter, and love.


I had a feeling I was in for a bit of a roller coaster ride with this book and boy was I right. Emotions ran really high and the verbal showdowns were intense throughout much of the story. The grief, the anger, the loss, it was all completely palpable. 17 years of anger and hurt is a lot to deal with. Both Ian and London have had their world turned completely upside down and now they are navigating through unexpected loss while trying to sort out old feelings and learn how to get along. There were plenty of moments that tug at the heartstrings. I found myself angry at one or both of the characters for their actions and simultaneously my heart was breaking for them with all of the sadness they were dealing with. There were some fantastic moments between Ian, London and the kids that truly made the book relatable to any parent. I am really looking forward to any future co written books by the authors in the future.

Corinne Ellery

Love, love, love this book! If I could give it more stars, I would. With two great authors, how could this book be anything less than fabulous! Ian. OMG!! Love him to pieces. London is fierce. And the kids? Real. Read this book - it is worth every penny!


Best of Both Worlds with Corinne Michaels and Melanie Harlow!! Wow, Hold You Close by Corinne Michaels and Melanie Harlow makes you think about what would you do or sacrifice for the person you love. We start out with Ian and London back when they were young. London and Sabrina became best friends when they were children. Sabrina being Ian's little sister. Ian and London fell in love but then you see how one decision can change the course of your future. Fast forward many years and Ian and London are like on opposite sides of a battle field. London's heart was completely broken and she simply puts up walls so there will be no chance of anyone getting close enough to hurt her again. When the unexpected happens, Ian and London are thrown together again. Even through the pain and the anguish, you can see the love is still there deep down but the communication is not. This book shows you that in the end you can get your second chance at love. Along with Ian and London were Sabrina's kids who brought so much to enjoying this book. At times, you wanted to smack Ian off the back of the head but he finally got himself together. The co-write of Corinne and Melanie blended so well that I cannot wait for their next collaboration!! There was so many emotions with this story and it drew you in so wonderfully. I would read anything these two authors write. I loved this story.

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