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By: Bob Woodward

Relase Date: 2018-09-11

Genre: Politics & Current Events, Biographies & Memoirs

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False, 0 facts.


Each page is a revelation! If you don’t read this book, you are not seeing how the USA can be ruined by a very small group of people and a narcissist. The people around Trump should be ashamed and history will treat them VERY poorly.


This book is AMAZING!! As always, Bob Woodward’s investigative reporting is on full display and shows the maelstrom and turmoil of the Trump Presidency. Good help us


Woodward sets you in the middle of the scene like a fly on the wall. This is legitimate journalism at its best.


Just trash

Air banjo

However much Trump is a self evident quick read, what is actually transpiring behind the scene would be impossible to determine and hence easy to obfuscate were it not for the interesting illumination provided by rather dispassionate books such as this. Transparency is absolutely key to preventing the hijacking of the mechanisms of civil respectful democracy by ruthless psychopathic and/or compromised officials devolving into criminal tyrants.


An outstanding, balanced look at the maelstrom on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. There is not a single judgement passed in these passages- just page after page that feels like a run away train that’s leaking oil badly with no one at the wheel. Your dedication to the craft should be applauded. Thank you for your steadfast approach that allows its reader to fairly analyze the individual players pov... never judges, only listens. Bravo. -Chris Miller

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