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By: Robert Galbraith

Relase Date: 2018-09-18

Genre: Literary, Fiction & Literature

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This book, unlike her 3 others in this series, was so boring. Way too long. Too many characters.


I enjoyed this


Cool story bro


Outstanding book I enjoyed reading over the past few days!! It’s my favorite of the series, so I’m glad I didn’t let a few mediocre reviews deter me! I can’t wait for the next book in this series!!

KiKi & Bernsey

I love this series and this book is as well written as the others. Not sure what another reviewer meant by “ripped bodice romance”, that’s not what this is. One thing that bothers me, although not about the book itself, but why have faces been leant to the covers? Way to ruin the Robin and Strike in my mind’s eye. I mean, the Strike from the covers is not even close to the boxer’s-profile, pubed-hair description from the book. Otherwise, loved this and can’t wait for the next one in the series.

Discerning Reader

Can’t wait for the next installment!


Read first three Strike novels and liked them but was very let down by this one....too much bodice ripping romance (snore) and a goofy plot (some serious class bashing). Save your money.

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